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About Me

About Keri Brice About Keri Brice
nasm personal trainer TRX

My name is Keri Brice, personal trainer and owner of KB Fitnesss in Charlotte, NC. My parents founded IRON COMPANY in 1997 which brought me to the forefront of the fitness industry from a very early age. I had a front row seat watching my Dad develop new fitness products, going to photo and video shoots, attending tradeshows, watching how a growing business is run and much more. For me, fitness and personal training is much more than just earning a living. Fitness is a passion deeply engrained in who I am. And I’m a big believer in passion being the difference between just being good and becoming our best!

I was always very active growing up participating in dance, gymnastics, soccer, tennis and cheerleading. At the age of nineteen I decided to take my passion for fitness and become a NASM certified personal trainer. Soon after getting my NASM certification, I also received my certification in TRX bodyweight training. I was now on my way to making my goals of becoming a personal trainer a reality.

I love kettlebell training and I believe the kettlebell is an incredibly versatile tool whether my clients want to lose weight, get stronger or regain their functionality. In 2020 I earned my kettlebell certification through Phil Scarito, owner of DV8 Fitness, Master Level Kettlebell Instructor and trainer to Tier 1 Spec Ops fighters.

The gold standard of physiological transformation is and always will be the barbell. I am fortunate to be coached in powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting by 6-time IPF World Powerlifting Champion, Brad Gillingham. And it is these proven techniques and tactics that I bring to my clients, in addition to other effective programs that I combine with proper nutrition, for real results. My goal is to continue my education in kettlebell training, powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting and nutrition so that I can become one of the best in my field and can always offer my clients superior knowledge and real results. Empowering clients to be the best version of themselves one session at a time.

About my coaches:

Brad Gillingham


Brad Gillingham is a 6 time IPF World Powerlifting Champion and a 13 time USAPL National Powerlifting Champion. He has won 34 Major Events. He has set IPF Open World Records in the 120+ kg Class with a 395 kg (870 lbs.) deadlift at the 2011 IPF Pacific Invitational in Melbourne, Australia, and a 397.5 kg (876 lbs.) deadlift at the 2011 IPF World Championships in Pilsen, Czech Republic. Brad was inducted into the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) Hall of Fame in November 2006, and into the IPF North American Powerlifting Federation (NAPF) Hall of Fame earlier that same year. He is currently the head strength coach at Jackals Gym in Minnesota. Brad is also one member of an elite coaching team that strength trains Tier 1 Spec Ops in Virginia Beach. See Brad Gillingham on Wikipedia

Phil Scarito


Phil Scarito is a Master Level Kettlebell Instructor and owner of DV8 Fitness in Philadelphia, PA. Phil is one of the few Master kettlebell instructors worldwide and uses his vast knowledge of kettlebell training and skills to host a number of the most well attended kettlebell courses across the country. He too is a member of the elite coaching team that trains Tier 1 Spec Ops in Virginia Beach.

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